Kaulig Racing Old Glory T

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So, I put together this like 40 page document outlining how to use and interact with our brand and I even dedicated a few of those pages to what NOT to do with or to our logo. Which is all fine and dandy until someone says "Hey wouldn't it be kool if we..." and then that book gets tossed out the window. So kids, as my dad always told me; do as I say and not as I do! Anyhow, enough of my problems!
This silk-screened T sports our rule busting logo blazoned across the chest and our five car numbers on the back snuggled up to Old Glory! Oh yeah, I almost forgot! In addition, you get this Krazy Koozie* as well...for free!! 


* I'm about 95% sure the Koozie will come in a separate package so do not fret if one comes before the other.

Limited Edition: Orders placed on or before June, 23rd should arrive by July 4th. This Commemorative hat will be available for order while supplies last.