Tide #31 - Chevy Camaro/Justin Haley: Food City Dirt Race 2023: 1:24 Die-Cast

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Remember when we raced around Bristol Motor Speedway on the dirtiest track ever? Somehow our cars were still the cleanest out there. Justin kept it clean in this bright orange Tide car. This replica is accurately adorned with track grit and scars from the rigors of that day's dirty trip in the NASCAR Cup Series race. 

Produced by Lionel Racing, The Official Die-cast of NASCAR, Action Racing Collectables brand die-cast are an integral part of a race fan’s experience. “Still the Choice of Champions,” Action Racing Collectables (ARC) cars have been promoted by star drivers and race teams for more than 20 years.

The Tide1:24-scale ARC die-cast replicates the actual No. 16 Chevrolet Camaro that fans see racing on the track. Enlarge one of these die-cast 24 times, and it would be the size of a real race car.

Producing ARC die-cast is a meticulous process that results in the actual race car being brought to life in collectible form. Each die-cast car is carefully crafted and decorated by hand.

Action Racing Collectables 1:24 scale die-cast are also issued in numbered, limited editions, adding to the collectability of each car. In the rear window, each Gain die-cast is stamped with its own unique “Die-Cast Identification Number” or DIN, which lets collectors know what number in the edition they have.  


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